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Upekkha Sdn.Bhd.

Cleaning Detergents, Equipments & Sevices

Upekkha Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian based cleaning supplies & services company that aims to provide quality products and services to serve the needs of it's customers around the region. It was first incorporated in the year 2003.

Upekkha's products are manufactured in Malaysia, India and China. Our products are carefully thought off and tested before being put into our sales program and they are required to undergo rigorous quality control checks before and during delivery to ensure continued success.

Upekkha provides "Total Cleaning Solutions" to its customers, with products ranging from Cleaning Detergents to Equipments, Janitorial, Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Cleaning Machines and Cleaning Services. Our extensive range of janitorial products includes wringer buckets, janitorial carts, all with improved wheels and wringer systems.

Upekkha's goal is to be a market leader, aiming to be "a company that any company can depend on"!

Upekkha also believes in "Customer's satisfaction and profitability by providing quality products and services at cost effective prices!"

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